Prexie Era Committee
Prexie Era Committee 

Prexie Era Committee: A Study Group of the US Stamp Society.

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Interest in the stamps and postal history of the Prexie Era (late 1930s through the late 1950s) remains strong as seen through the activities of the Presidential-Era Committee and its members.


Collecting interests include, the 1938 Presidential Issues (The Prexies), the 1940 Famous American Series, the Transport Airmail Stamps of 1941-44, and other stamp issues of the same period.


With an active membership of about 90, the Committee publishes a quarterly newsletter, "The Prexie Era: edited by Louis Fiset, featuring original articles written by the members. The newsletter is distributed by snail-mail and e-mail.


Articles from the members have also been published in various philatelic publications, including "The Specialist" and the American Air Mail Society's "Airpost Journal".


Want to Become a Member?


Jeffrey Shapiro, Chairperson

PO Box 3211

Fayville, MA 01745-3211



$5 US/yr-newsletter via e-mail.

$10 US/yr- newsletter via snail mail within US. Addresses outside US contact Jeff Shapiro.


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